Mobile Application Development

Our Approach

At Fovea, we believe that quality and time to market are the most important factors to success. We focus on making sure our apps produce the "wow" effect they deserve. This is why we adhere 100% to the Agile Manifesto: we never develop blindly following a specification set in stone. We go fast, so we can iterate, we test and validate the decisions based on actual experiments.


Our team has extensive experience in cross-platform mobile application development, especially using hybrid HTML 5 frameworks like PhoneGap. Those frameworks allow your apps to run on any existing mobile device, following the "write once, run everywhere" paradigm. But it is also a step into the future, as they will run on any upcoming platform. Who knows who will be the next iOS or Android.

Put your business on top of competitors

We have achieved success in smartphone applications development with our creative approach and premium quality services, solutions suiting the exact needs of customers today, however under stringent quality guidelines and transparency to help your business surpass competitors and stay on top.

Transform your killer app ideas to awesome reality!

The apps requirement need is raging all over the world, irrespective of businesses and common men. Get ready to add a sense of creativity to your app ideas with our application developers and transform it to reality and making it go viral!