Goom 2k4

  • "Ab-so-lute-ly KILLER ... and FREE!!!!!" [ Wordman, Version Tracker ]
  • "HOLY CRAP! This is a work of art - it's totally awesome. Great job!" [ Amish S. Dave ]
  • "The only software project I know admired by myself, the wife, my 3 year old son and the mother-in-law." [ Dave Prince ]
  • "This thing rocks so much, it ain't funny anymore!" [ Guerilla, ]

Everyone loves hearing music. Goom allows you to admire your music! It's a cool visual effects generator for almost every multimedia player. (Goom will dazzle you with its hypnotic ...) It includes a large number of trippy hypnotic effects that dance, swirl and pop with the music.


  • Large number of effects: Tentacles, Flash, Stars, Fireworks, Waves, Blurs and Glows.
  • Tiny disk footstep: 24 kilobytes only!
  • Smallest possible CPU usage: Highly optimized code with CPU specific assembly for Intel (MMX), AMD (3DNow!) and PowerPC (Altivec). Believe it, we spent our nights on this!
  • Multi-plateforms: It is available for Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, XBox Media Center (to name a few) and already integrated in almost all Linux media players.


A computer backed with earphones or a good stereo kit can now replace your old home stereo system, and replace it with benefits: it makes it so easier to manage your playlists.

Well... unfortunately a computer used as a jukebox is somehow boring although it can do so much more! Goom was created with this is mind: make your computer jukebox awesome, full of eye candy and aesthetic effects while it plays music.

Download, install, and feel the difference!

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