Developement version of Goom have been migrated to bazaar version control. Taking the oportunity to be back to work, we applied several patches fixing memory leaks and other boring stuff.

We are back to work on Goom! This is one among many things, so consider checking-out our new website for some updates this year.

The new release for Ultimate Othello is now available. The 1805 release has a brand new zen 3D look. The game play is as challenging as ever with the seven opponents of the solo mode. And you can finally enjoy playing with your friends on Internet!

Next version of Flobopuyo is about to be released. If you haven't ever played with Flobopuyo, hurry up and train yourself as the new release will have a network option that will allow you to challenge your friends wherever they are. The new release will also include many new interesting features.

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