Lot of articles about us lately on important regional tech blogs. Click for more details.

Co-developed with Wryb-Tech, here comes Birdy Nam Nam, a funny little arcade games already loved by thousands of player!

Developped for Digital Apparatus, Fovea proudly invite you to discover this nice story to tell when your child's first teeth is lost.

We just released a new project called Santa Defender, a nice easy and funny arcade game for iPhone, where you have to help Santa to distribute his gifts on Christmas eve. It's now on the hands of Apple's reviewers, so keep tuned!

Changes in this version: internet gaming reengineered for better reliability, statistics of played games, world-wide ranking and history of games, in addition of course, of the usual bugs fixes.

Fovea created a new website, Ta3mini is guide of restaurants in Lebanon, where everyone can come share his opinion about Lebanese restaurants. Check it out!

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